Peter The Great Sagan painting by Kathryn Sassall

The Great Bear £790
60 x 60 cm
Acrylic on canvas

– Feel the noise

I paint on canvas and paper to create expressive pastel or acrylic or oil paintings of noise for your walls. I want to unlock the excitement and movement I feel whilst watching the sport and those that participate in it . As an artist I may leave something out, adapt the light, highlight a detail but at the end of the day it all comes down to hard observation to satisfy both the knowing specialists in the sport or those new to it.

There is a noise element in all sports. Whether it’s the coaches calling after the cyclists, the rev of an engine or the enthusiasm of a crowd of fans and followers. The noise and colour gives an intensity to the experience. I’m an artist who likes to try to excite all your senses by taking you there to feel the splash of the mud, hear the swish of the bikes, smell the engine oil or feel the heat from the horse.

– Observation

Anatomy and how it works alone or in tandem with a machine or animal in sport is key to creating a readable painting and a recognisable sporting stance to those taking part. It’s important for me to understand the torsion of the body.  I take the opportunity to study bones and muscles and draw from life models each month; a number of those sketches are exercises which I refer back to or trash. Worked up drawings are offered for sale through my Naked Ambition collection with online gallery ArtFinder .

When I’m not painting I go to local, national or international events to enhance my understanding of the sports and the people involved. YouTube is useful for refreshing my excitement of what I’ve seen and I record events to review as well.

I’ll take my camera out a couple of times a month just to try to capture light and patterns and people around and about which if you follow me on Instagram or LIKE my page on Facebook I can share with you. 

acrylic painting of an enduro rider cornering in muddy field in Kent

Muddy Corner £790
80 x 60 cm
Acrylic on deep Canvas

– Technique

Bold and dynamic brushstrokes, dripping paint and a free drawing style all add to the impression of movement. I am influenced by lots of artists both old masters and modern technicians.

Unlocking the excitement of seeing athletes in action using various methods of propulsion; feet, animals or wheels. I work fast across several canvasses at once over a period of six to eight weeks on a series of five small or three larger paintings.

Whether cycling, riding on horse or motorised two-wheels, driving around asphalt or wooded tracks it’s all about the feeling and often risk to obtain speed and exhilaration.

The aim is to give a notion of motion in colour.