A Freezing Fortnight

An 007 View

Been a bit quiet on here since the last painting of a cyclist as have been working hard with my other hat on (digital habit coach) and the snow made the studio space too cold even with fingerless gloves and a heater. Have been out with the camera a bit more, both capturing elements of the freeze last week, local tyre and alignment specialist Skidmarques Ltd grand opening of their new larger premises which attracted an amazing array of motor-mad people with classics, performance, racing and prestige cars all represented and yesterday the first on-track event that I’ve got to this year.

Still managed to get to the Hockney exhibition for a first look, and look forward to going back again if I can get more tickets. Really inspiring colours which show a lot of emotions. The room of his paintings done whilst visiting a dying friend being particularly emotive and incredible to think mainly done from memory. Some great perspectives in their too. The watercolours are a real revelation too knowing that the technique is so different and immediate compared to the graphical oils.

Also doing some drafts for a rather large mural commission at a local business which is both exciting and daunting all in one! The space looked huge as a blank canvas, but having seen the large panels done by Hockney I have a better sense of perspective for that. Working with another local artist who has a different style so will be interesting to see what we come up with together  – needless to say it will involve motors.