Scream if you want to go faster; capturing people in motion

Hereford May Fair inspired painting (c)KathrynSassall Away from the cycling circuit that has it’s major events in Europe, I look for local inspiration to create paintings that will capture people in motion in Herefordshire, UK. “May Scream’ is one of a series reflecting motion through the choice of colour and expressive application of paint to represent the night sky punctured by the lights from fairground rides. Can you hear the screams?

Standing underneath the ride, at the annual Hereford May Fair, as it spun on it’s axis, with the arm weighted at one end, the chair holding four young braves, my neck craning back as the ride reached higher than the buildings surrounding it. Photographing the ride to capture the colour and the motion, after it had held the riders at the top, and then spun their chair at a rate of knots towards the ground.

Back in the studio the images were played in a slideshow on the trusty iPad whilst I built up background layers of colour over a couple of days to enable them to dry and remain bright. Before stepping back at arms length to capture the motion in sweeping strokes. After that had dried it was a few touches with square brush so that for those who want to look closely they can make out the jeans of the riders!

The expressive acrylic painting is an A4 size image, mounted then framed in a wood frame which is coloured silver, and was exhibited with Herefordshire Art and Craft Society throughout October 2015 (closed Sundays) at Cafe @ All Saints Facebook Page in Hereford.

Available to purchase through online gallery ArtFinder.