Holden V8 on Fire

It is brilliant when you can catch the brakes red hot or a car sending out flames as it races. Photographs and memories used in this experimental try-out of some of the iPad application features. The V8s in Australia did just that. They went full on for it, using everything they had, taking it to the edge, a bit of a nudge and push from behind. The pop. The bang. The squeal.

Then off to the paddock to meet the drivers, the crew and the touring cars.; up close and personal No additional access pass required. Racing at it’s best. Real.  The paddock was on grass, but every awning was floored, segmented, clean and branded. Everyone was in clean and pressed kit. Aware of the public around the language was kept relevant, the balletic movement of crews at one getting on with their work. Gifts being given to fans. Photos being taken. Smiles. Passionate people looking great and being fit to be on the bill with F1.

Brighton Bandstand

Having lived in Brighton for nearly a dozen years, the beautiful architecture and wildness of the sea tend to become like wallpaper. Having moved away I appreciate the buildings and colours and styles that are special to the City and tend to take more photos and do more sketches when I return their for time with family and friends. The bluey-green and pinky cream are beautiful, although the ironwork quickly turns to rust, and the woodwork erodes in the wind and rots in the rain.

The bandstand was refurbished at the time of the Beijing Olympics so that would have been 2007. I remember it as I was sitting nearyby with my camera pondering the seagulls that were arguing with each other on the beach. A man, guessing early sixties, appeared at the seat and asked if he could sit on the other part. We chatted about Brighton and art.

The subject then moved to travel, as I explained I was off to do some distant trips including China. He sighed. He was hoping to get a Visa to go to Beijing to join in the peaceful protests there. He wanted to set up a VoxBox in Tianamen Square. He was truly disturbed at what he’d seen there and was determined to do something. He asked if I’d like to join him to take photographs, which I politely declined, not having the wish to be a political activist in China. I’ve no idea whether he was successful, do not remember seeing anything in the news or local press.

Beijing was interesting when I did finally get there. Bustling, dirty and with very inquisitive people. The brightly lit Olympic building (the Bird Nest) sitting amongst tall office buildings next to busy roads. People being ushered past in large queues of people with huge numbers of soldiers and police keeping everyone moving on and off the coaches that constantly arrived. Tianneman Square was packed on the day as it was Birthday time. Thankfully, the tomb was therefore not accessible.

A Walk in the Woods

There are days when the brain does not want to do the bidding of the lists created and the chores sitting expectantly in line. So on with the walking boots and off into the greener parts nearby.

The trees are mighty confused at the moment. Evergreens of course are holding their leaves, but there are also others with buds and berries that seem out of place. The cold and wet then sunny and dry weather still confusing nature.

A good stroll always helps with rationalising concerns and remembers what is priority to making life a happy and wonderous place to be.

So the trees have worked their magic again. The green woodpecker darting across the ground and through the trees a special treat. Too fast for camera, but enjoyed very much.

Muddy tracks showing that families have been out with cycles and buggies, wellies and dogs. Before everyone returns home to soup, crumpets and cheese well that’s what we did as a family when I was the one jumping in the sticky mud.

Today it was to the local coffee shop for a hot coffee and slice of coffee cake, which I’ve wanted since watching the the Bake Off on TV this week with the silver fox, Paul Hollywood, and the lovely lady, Mary Berry, whose books my mum taught me to bake with. Feel a marble cake or ginger loaf is on the baking cards this week.