Experimental dribbling

Attending a weekly life group ensures that I can practice sketching the human form. It’s a fascinating thing to do as the models are from all walks of life so have different muscle tone. The positions they are asked to strike are not always the easiest and Vicki has had a particularly tough three weeks. Balancing on an easel is not the most comfortable thing to do in bare everything!

Richard who runs the group has been very encouraging in suggesting different ways to add colour to the drawings that have been made in charcoal. I tend to paint with acrylic paint with no medium added so it made a chance to do some washes over the three weeks.

The first picture with Vicki facing was completed quickly and spontaneously. The second had more thought but more energetic colour. The third is reflective of a sadder evening as the group does not meet for a while. It was a dramatic moment when the paint was scrubbed off with tissues, and a few more glazes will go on before it is finished.

So it will be sitting in cafes with a sketch book for a while until group restarts.



It’s All About Art

So you think you are rubbish at putting pen, pencil or brush to paper. Not something I subscribe to of course; I believe everyone can create a drawing. It’s about interpretation and style.

If you want to have a go, in an encouraging environment, you could go to the annual show at the Business Design Centre in Islington, held by the Society for All Artists in July. A number of professional artists not only demonstrate how they create their masterpieces in a number of mediums, but also provide some classes.

The classes are suitable for anyone as the subjects chosen are kept suitable for beginners so that everyone can go away glowing with the pride of having produced an artwork. I took a friend, J,  who had no idea why she was going as J was convinced that she was not able. Within seconds of arriving I’d lost her to an easel and a pastel picture of a lion appeared from her paper … and a big smile on her face.

It also gives those of us who are painting regularly a chance to try something else. As above the wonderful pet cat of the amazing wildlife artist Vic Bearcroft used as the model for the pastel sketch exercise above.

Creative coaching!

Boat Docking, Acrylic Passionart.eu [image]

Sometimes inspiration comes from unexpected places. Having a coffee break and making the most of the free papers on offer, I came across a photograph of a heavily laden boat docking. This resonated with me due to things I have been dealing with in my personal/business life.

I wanted to do a semi-abstract piece, and ended up doing a slightly cubist  representation of the image.

Thankfully the coffee shop baristas know me well so allowed me to rip the picture out of the paper. A quick prep sketch and tonal exercise later I was ready to attack the primed canvas.

I started using wet-in-wet technique from the top down. Carefully considering the use of tone to create some idea of perspective, and ensuring consistency throughout by the use of a limited three colour plus white palette.

Enjoyed the painting and will likely do another with even more abstraction in due course.

Meanwhile roughly 60 cm x 29 cm box canvas available to put on your wall email me with your offer.


Bring out the Inner Child

Crab pots at Aldeburgh, Suffolk






A guy in his chair playing steel drum on the bridge across from the amazing Wren cathedral.

Peregrine falcons being watched by the RSPB start the interactive journey.

Then into the Turbine Hall and beyond.

A trip to the Globe to see the Merry Wives of Windsor and tick off one of my personal “things to do before I leave this earth” gave the chance to check out the interactive stuff at the Tate Modern.

Firstly dancers were rehearsing in the Turbine Hall which was quite a strange experience. Watching others at work, without having a clue what they were doing and whether it was right.

Down the stairs and up the escalators I confess to search for a comfortable seat rather than some arty illumination! Next to the red cushioned sheets were touch-screen TVs.

So after quizzes on Pop Art, Surrealism, and other genre that I’d not heard of I was much enlightened as to different artists inspirations.

A couple of days later and visiting Aldeburgh and Southwold looking for some seaside inspiration. Now skertching and painting like a fury!


The Call of the Wild

What a great day I’ve had – a proper howler!

Wolf Pastel Drawing.


Went to The Society for All Artists “It’s all about ART” event at Business Design Centre, Islington, London. A great chance to try out different mediums and papers plus ask questions of art suppliers and artists.


A lot of Art Clubs turning up in coaches by 11 o/c so the early bird definitely benefited. Able to get in two workshops before the crowds. Not for those who don’t like working in a public place, but if you’re prepared to have a go and think of it as practice rather than perfection it’s a great way to dabble with great quality products.


Really enjoyed the chance to use pastels on velour paper with brilliant wildlife artist Vic Bearcroft. The wolf sketch created in 30 minutes was a good way to get a feel for the very forgiving and easy to use velour paper.