The shimmering heat of the tarmac

The 2010 Hungarian Grand Prix was the twelfth round of the 2010 Formula One season on August 1, 2010.


Red Bull driver Mark Webber claimed his fourth victory of the season, and reclaimed the championship lead after Lewis Hamilton’s retirement from the race.


Rubens Barrichello was 12th in the 12th race of the season, but deserved a painting as he survived a dangerous race incident with his ex-team mate.

At the F1 races and on the television coverage the cars are often lost in the shimmer of the heat that builds up on the tarmac. They seem to appear out of a curtain of colours created by the advertising banners and marshals’ posts.


Looking at the cars head on foreshortens the wonderfully lean and pointed noses of the beautifully designed F1 cars but shows off the struts and the complexity of all the parts that the engineers and mechanics have tweaked to perfection.


i’ve drafted the start of a canvas of the winner of the race:- Mark Webber of Red Bull who had a phenomonal lead of twenty seconds and that should join the gallery as a finished acrylic in the next ten days. [Like Facebook Page and Follow on Twitter @PassionArt to keep up to date with new motorsport paintings and sketches.]


The first in an impressionistic series of pictures capturing this is Rubens Barrichello (see right) which is in the gallery ready for someone to hang on their wall. Rubinho had his most eventful moment off track in the pit-lane being offered a visit into the pit wall by the seven-times World Champion Michael Schumacher – his former team-mate.