Courage and Respect – Bikers snake at Clearways Curve

Brands Hatch Clearways, BSB Acrylic 70 x 70 cm Box Canvas

One thing that you notice when looking down the barrel of a lens throughout a race is the line that each bike takes around a corner. Whilst they are racing flat out it is not always easy to spot the smaller differences; those that take the line differently being very obvious as they go out of shot!

This snake of bikers always occurs when the field closes up in this case due to a rider sliding off at Clarks Curve. As they come through the movement is mesmoric as they sway from one side to another. Even at this speed there are differences in the way the rider leans forward and sideways to take the curve.

No doubt whilst racing each rider is showing great courage, albeit they’ll shrug that off as just being something they are passionate about and the risk just being a small part of the thrill. The respect comes from each rider watching for and reacting to the marshals who efficiently flag and control at moments of crisis from the spillage of oil to bikers.

Sporting events taking place in London and other parts of the UK in July will showcase athletic talent that has been looking forward and training hard to try to achieve the medals that are awarded every four years. The Brentwood Art Trail has encouraged local resident artists to create work that interprets the Olympic themes of excellence, friendship, respect, courage, determination, inspiration or equality. This painting will be exhibited as part of the Art Trail at Skidmarques Ltd, from 18th to 30th June 2012. It is available to purchase for collection on 2nd July 2012.

Colour, speed and motion

My original love for motorsport came about through motorsbikes as I went to the local circuit (Brands Hatch – 60 minutes from home) on the back of my boyfriend’s Phil Read replica – Honda, another 750 (must dig out the photos) and a Yamaha of some description!

So it was a great pleasure to have got to one of the BSB races, strolled round the paddocks, and fought for a good spot by the fencing at Clearways to get some shots of the bikes this year.

This painting looks startling with the underpaint still showing. That glow may be totally gone by the time I’ve finished.

BSB Still fast and fun

Mike Laverty, #7. Acrylic on box canvas.

Bikes is where my love of speed and colour began. Good to get back to Brands Hatch this year on a warm but windy day. The names have changed but the excitement with thrills and spills is still there.

Higher fencing at Brands makes it a little more difficult to get the right shots, but where there’s a will there’s a way.

The bold primary colours of the bikes make great subjects, although not sure the sponsors would be happy with the blur of the logos!

The helmet took on a shape of it’s own which is almost like knights of old.

An enjoyable day from which I will capture a few more riders in motion