Noise for you walls … acrylic paintings, limited edition prints and photographs

Kathryn Sassall creates paintings to be noise for your walls. Bold and dynamic brushstrokes, dripping paint and a free drawing style all add to the impression of movement. Unlocking the excitement of seeing athletes in action using various methods of propulsion; feet, boards, animals or wheels. Whether cycling, riding on horse or motorised two-wheels, driving around asphelt or wooded tracks it’s all about the feeling and often risk to obtain speed and exhiliration.  The aim is to give a feeling of motion in colour.

There’s a lot going on off-track too. Whether it’s taking in the cultures around the world where the motorsport events occur or at a local weekly life group the feelings created by observing and hearing are captured in pastel paintings.

New series of paintings and prints will be appearing here throughout 2014. Painting and mural commissions are welcome.